Single Bullet Theory’s Brutal New Album, Divine Ways of Chaos, Official Release October 19th

Legendary drummer, Raymond Herrera (former: Fear Factory, Brujeria, Arkaea) calls album “a righteous barrage of the senses with some great riffs, beats and melodies thrown in.” This album is true to the metal art form, and is a must hear.

Single Bullet Theory will release their latest album “Divine Ways of Chaos” on October 19th after a lengthy and tumultuous period which saw lineup changes and serious health conditions delay its release. SBT is proud to announce that this will be their first full-length album released independently and under their complete control. Divine Ways of Chaos will be available on all major internet streaming sites including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, as well as Amazon On-Demand where you will be able to purchase a hard copy CD. The band plans to perform select shows in support of the release as they are able, since their current drummer Rob Gladden has been slowly recovering from bone cancer treatment since the spring.

“Years back, when I set out to begin Divine Ways of Chaos”, says frontman Matt DiFabio, “SBT had just returned home from a three-week tour with Into Eternity. The band was firing on all cylinders and I believed I had the ultimate lineup for a serious album release. I spent the better part of a year working on this album and am extremely proud of what I did… But, for a variety of reasons, we had member changes during the album’s development and directly following its completion.  As a result, truthfully, I sort of lost my desire to even have these recordings see the light of day

So here we are a few years later... Having our current drummer, Rob, out of commission until he fully recovers from bone cancer: the surgery and all the difficulty dealing with that... Having Justin incessantly breathing down my neck to finally release this album and the fact that Bill and I needed some sort of goal to look forward to; alas, Divine Ways of Chaos is now here.

I spent the last few weeks going back and revisiting these recordings and I have to say, this was the most ambitious album I have ever made. It was my first attempt at self-producing, recording, mixing and was a true labor of love. I am absolutely thrilled with the musicianship that everyone involved displayed.”

“It has been a long time coming but will be well worth the wait” says SBT bassist Bill Mez. Although the album was recorded back in 2014/2015 during Mez’s hiatus, he is happy to see that all is not lost. “When I rejoined the band, we began to move past this album, working on new material with our revised lineup. We had a hard time gaining momentum for Divine Ways, and unfortunately Matt began to lose interest. But I always felt it would be a damn shame to let such great songs fall by the wayside and not be able to put them into the hands of our fans. The album is simply too fucking good!”

The album features drummer, Justin Arman, whose contributing style of Latin Polyrhythms and Thrash offers another dimension to the music. “I played this album like it would be my last. Matt really pushed me in the studio to totally cut loose, and the performance speaks for itself.” Justin has been one of the greatest proponents of the band since the early years. “I’m dedicating my efforts behind this album to the band’s drummer, Rob Gladden, and can’t wait to see him hit the stage with SBT again when he’s recovered.”

Tim Roth of Into Eternity fame contributed a guitar solo to the album and had the following to say… “Thanks to Matt and Single Bullet Theory for having me do a guest solo on the title track of their new album, “Divine Ways Of Chaos”. Matt has done it again! There are plenty of brutal riffs and catchy songs on this new album. Into Eternity and SBT go way back to 2005 when we toured the USA together with Amorphis. I’m really pleased with the solo I came up with for this new song and I would encourage all metal fans to check out this new release! Keep it Metal!”

Divine Ways of Chaos is comprised of 10 songs laced with soaring guitar solos, hook-laden choruses, and some of the most brutal grooves the band has ever laid down. From the hypnotic melodies of "Last Train Out" or "The Arena" to the pure sonic brutality of thrasher "Fire From the Sky", the band has created an epic-feeling album while retaining the intensity SBT is known to deliver. The title track "Divine Ways of Chaos" marries crushing heaviness with blistering guitar solos while tracks like "Damnation" and "Bleeding for You" showcase the band’s more groove-oriented capabilities, while lyrically representing a dark side of the human psyche.

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Matt DiFabio and mastered by James Murphy at The Safehouse. All drums were performed by Justin Arman and recorded at OX1 Sound Studio by Jason Ruch. Additional production was contributed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio Production. The album features guest performances by Tim Roth (Into Eternity), current Level Fields vocalist Alan Tecchio (Watchtower, Hades, Non-Fiction) and Jeff Rose (ex-Power Theory), as well as performances by former SBT members John Ruszin III, Harry Lannon, Patrick Brose, and Jeff Kalber.

Single Bullet Theory is an endorsed artist of My Magic Mud Records™, a label that provides promotional grants for independent bands and artists pushing the boundaries of their craft.

12/9/17 - We are diligently working on our follow-on to Divine Ways of Chaos tentatively titled "Dark Fields".  6 songs are in the bag, Two more to go and we will enter the studio.

8/12/17 - SBT is hard at work in the rehearsal studio writing some vicious new material. We will be back to playing shows late in the year and early 2018. Keep checking back to make sure we have not killed one another!

2/22/17 - Matt DiFabio has signed with Talon Guitar Picks. Talon offers a completely new style in pick control, attack and the ability to rotate the pick comfortably 90 degrees for stylistic picking changes.  Check out TalonElements.com for more info.

12/08/16 - SBT is hard at work preparing new material for a release in 2017. New song titles so far are "Beloved Exile" and "Comanche". Both songs are blisteringly heavy and by far the most extreme music we have ever written. 

9/18/16 - New dates have been added in the tour section

9/05/16 - Matt DiFabio has joined the Electra Guitar family and will be rocking the Omega Prime models at upcoming SBT dates.  Check out ElectraGuitar.com for info on these great guitars.

8/20/16 - Single Bullet Theory has officially signed with Kerly Music. Kerly makes some of the absolute best strings in the market and we cannot be happier!

8/01/16 -SBT will be appearing in on 8/19/16 at the Outpost Concert Club in Kent, OH. as part of Pitfest ._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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5/13/16 - Check out the lyric video for Born of Revolution

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Single Bullet Theory is extremely happy to announce the return of long time bassist Bill Mez to the fold.
This has been a very long time coming and we are really looking forward to getting back out on the road with good ole' Thunderfoot holding up the low end.
Mez joined SBT in the winter of 2001 after a stint with Seven Witches and went on to record 4 of the band's first releases, appeared in two internationally distributed videos, one DVD, and a "rare" compilation disc that was released in 2013.
Mez also spent plenty of time down in the trenches as the band gained its momentum through relentless national touring. Including runs with King Diamond, Hypocrisy, Amorphis and Pissing Razors as well as hundreds of shows headlining.


" It was around 8 years ago when I put down the bass to focus on getting my life together after years of struggling to achieve big things in this very dear niche of the music industry we call metal. It was in no way an easy decision at the time and it has haunted me at various times since. Watching other bands on stage and especially SBT, I could never completely put behind me the emotions I felt about wanting to be up there again. I picked up the bass a few years ago for a one off show with the band and have since been working on some new tunes for Matt's side project The Killing Truth. Things have settled down for me recently and it just feels like a natural time to get back into the swing of things and fulfill this need which drove me for so many years. I am so grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to tear some shit up. I guess the arena is calling my name"...

8/21/15 - SBT has been added as support to the upcoming Philadelphia area show for Ashes of Ares (featuring members of Nevermore / Iced Earth and Into Eternity - The show is Sept 12 @ bullshooters in far Northeast Philly.


6/01/15 - We had an excellent run up to New Engalnd last weekend and are planning a return now. Also, we are now in talks with a few labels about releasing "Divine Ways of Chaos" and are optimistic that we will have a new deal in place very shorty.


3/21/15 -Its been a while since our last update. However, we are indeed still rolling and have some new show dates scheduled.  Check the tour dates section.


8/24/14 - New  dates are up in the Tour dates section


8/22/14 - The brand new Single Bullet Theory record "Divine Ways of Chaos" is complete and has been sent out to be mastered by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary)


5/8/14 - More date have been added to the Single Bullet Theory tour


3/29/14 -Now booking 2014 fall tour: Texas / Oklahoma / Kansas / Indiana / Ohio / Tennessee / West Virginia.... Please see tour dates for updates.

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